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Finding The Right Travel Doctor &Clinic

It has been revealed that more Americans traveled in the year 2014 than in 2013. Altogether, there were over 1 billion immigrants in different countries across the globe and 68.3 million of the immigrants were Americans only. The reason for this rise in migration can be linked to tourism, globalization of industries, humanitarian effort and the search for employment opportunities. Unfortunately, not many of the travelers understand the importance of vaccination. There are several medical conditions that are associated with traveling and this calls for the need of a professional travel doctor who can predict and interpret the signs of travel-associated medical conditions as well as provide the needed vaccine for the patients.

With the decrease in the number of geographical boundaries and the increase in migration, the need for travel vaccine has become more important in recent times. Over the years, a doctor in travel medicine showed his commitment anytime it was heard that someone was to travel to one of the developing countries. It was believed that the travelers should be educated on how to avoid contacting malaria and traveler's diarrhea. The major activity of the travel doctors was vaccination. However, the idea about travel medicine has undergone drastic modifications. It is now a multidisciplinary field that deals with other aspects of medicine such as public health, infectious disease, wilderness medicine, tropical medicine and vaccination. Even though these fields of medicine appear to be different from travel medicine, a critical look at them indicate that they are still within the scope and as such requires the expertise of a well trained travel doctor and a fully equipped clinic. 

It is with the help of vaccine that people who work in other countries can enjoy what they do. For instance, a doctor in the Ebola affected parts of Africa and beyond need vaccination to be healthy and avoid all travel related diseases. All humanitarian aid workers should also aid themselves by updating their vaccination at the travel clinic that is closest to them.

Travel medicine is dynamic because environmental conditions are always changing and they vary from one country to another. Doctors and nurses in any travel clinic should update their records on any discovery they find. They should always be concerned on matters concerning epidemiology, public health, infectious diseases and vaccine, occupational medicine, immigrant and refugee health. Like other professions where the quality of services rendered to the public is strictly controlled, there is need to have a code of conduct for all travel doctors. The code of conduct also guides the doctor in administering vaccine and helps to ensure maximum satisfaction of patients in a travel clinic.

The first thing a travel doctor should do when he has a patient is to ask for his or her travel history. This is according to the CDC ethics. In the past, when the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was the threat, travel doctors were fond of asking their patients if they had travelled to China or Toronto.

The need for a travel doctor to find out about the travel history of patient in a clinic cannot be overemphasized and it is as important as being aware of a threatening disease. The travel history of a patient will help to trace the origin of a new disease. It can help to check the spread of diseases by controlling the movement of people and providing a suitable vaccine. Keeping the travel history of a patient diagnosed with a viral disease and a record of any vaccine they have used can be helpful to the WHO or CDC after some months.

The following points should be considered before you travel

Visit a travel clinic for your vaccine. There should be well trained travel doctors for the vaccination.

US travelers should take advantage of the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to get information about travel clinic in the destination countries and the availability of vaccine and travel doctors there.

You should be given some tips by your travel doctor at the clinic. It is compulsory to abide by them religiously .

It is common to see tourists being attacked with cold. This can however be minimized by observing some personal hygiene such as washing of hands and following the tips given by your travel doctor. Also try as much as possible to avoid hand contact and sharing personal belongings such as handkerchiefs.

While traveling, it is better to abstain from sex since you cannot be sure that the other party has enrolled for vaccination. 

It is common to see travelers suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. This can be minimized by providing purified hydration to the traveler, encouraging good hygiene and going to the closest travel clinic.

Also have an eye on those around you and remind them about the importance of vaccination.

Find out from your insurance provider whether you are eligible for international coverage and insurance for evacuation. If you don't have these, it is advisable to either postpone the trip or travel for a short time.

When you travel, do your best to be polite to the people you visit. Go to the clinic for vaccination and for tips on how to mingle with friends without contacting any form of disease.

Visit Travel Vax doctors when you plan to travel abroad. They can help you to find nearby travel doctors for the correct travel vaccinations in gold coast, hobart, brisbane, sydney, perth, melbourne and adelaide.

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